About WISP/Internet etc

What is Fibre internet?

Fibre internet uses fibre optic cables to transmit information (as opposed to copper wire used for ADSL). Fibre optic cables transmit information extremely fast and at an extremely high quality, which is why fibre connections to your home can now be as fast as 1000Mbs – compared to a maximum of 40Mbs with ADSL.

What is a WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider)?

A WISP is an Internet Service provider that uses a Wireless connection as “last mile” to your premises instead of copper (ADSL) or Fibre.

What does Last Mile mean?

Last mile means the physical connection from Towers or Exchanges or nodes to the customer premises. In our case that’s from our towers to your house.

How is our Wireless connection different to Fibre?

With a Fibre connection a physical fibre cable is laid down in your area, then connected to your home. With our wireless connection, you do not need any fibre to your home or even your area – we take care of that part for you. You only need a satellite receiver mounted at your home with a Line of Sight to any of our antennae.

Is a wireless connection faster than fibre?

Well, how long is a piece of string…? Because only the “last mile” of the connection to you is wireless, the overall connection speed is virtually identical to a fibre connection to your home.

Can I get wireless high-speed internet if they haven’t laid down the fibre cabling in my area yet?

Ah yes… the joy of “first world problems” – When will fibre come to my area? Well why wait? That’s what we are here for! Sign up today and get a stable high-speed internet connection without the need for fibre in your area (Line of Sight within a 2km to our antennae dependent).

What is meant by Line of Sight?

Basically, if you can see any of our antennae from your premises, you have Line of Sight. Unfortunately sometimes things may be in the way – like your neighbour’s double storey that you objected to or the grandparent’s tree that was planted in 1906 and is now 20m tall. If you do not have Line of Sight to our antennae then wireless internet may not work for you.

What does the setup/installation entail?

The setup is the initial hard work on our side before your fun starts. It includes: 1. Installing a dinner-plate sized receiver mounted on a pole outside your home/business. 2. Routing some cable from the dish to your existing Wi-Fi router. 3. Changing the configuration settings on your router. 4. That’s it! There is no step 4!

What if I don’t have a Wi-Fi router

If for whatever reason you do not have a Wi-Fi router or your existing router is not compatible, we can offer you a router ranging from R200 to R1,500 depending on your preference

How long does it take to get a wireless connection set up?

Aside from the initial Site Inspection (30 minutes), the setup process typically takes about 3 hours (up to 4 hours if you live in a mansion),after which you’ll immediately have access to high-speed internet!

What does a Site Inspection entail?

Before we can sign you up, we need to know if you have Line of Sight to any of our antennae. We’ll come out to you to confirm that we can see our antennae from your premises. We usually need to be on your roof for us to get a good view. This process only takes about half an hour.

What is Uncapped Internet?

Uncapped means that no matter how much you download or stream, you will never run out of bandwidth

What is Bandwidth?

Bandwidth is the amount data that can be sent over a specific connection in a given amount of time. A 10Mbs can transmit 10 Megabits per second. Typically an HD stream of Netflix uses 5Mbs. So if two people are streaming Netflix, your allotment of 10Mbs will be fully utilised.

What is internet throttling?

Someservice providersclaim they are giving you an uncapped experience, only to slow down your connection speed once you have used more bandwidth than what is accepted as “fair”. At Krypton Web, WE DO NOT THROTTLE. You will always have access to your full connection speed no matter how much bandwidth you use.

What Internet connection speed do I need?

What Internet connection speed do I need?

About Krypton Web services

Are Krypton Web packages month to month or annual?

We offera 12 month contract, which automatically converts to a month to month contract after the initial period.

Can I cancel at any time?

We’d hate to see you go, but yes, you can cancel at any time. Upon cancellation, you will still be connected to our service for the remainder of that month, after which your connection will be terminated and you will not be liable to pay cancellation fees. Remember you need to give us 30 days notice before the next billing cycle if you would like to cancel. If there is an outstanding balance owed for the setup/installation cost, this will need to be settled at the same time.

When will I be billed?

Billing runs via debt order on the 1st day of the month, for that particular month. Your first month will be billed pro-rata upfront before we activate your connection.

I’ve signed up for a 10Mbs line but want to change to a 20Mbs line. Can I do this?

Of course you can! What kind of monsters would we be to deny you one of life’s simple pleasures? If you think you can handle more speed, just ask us.

I’ve signed up for a 20Mbs line but want to change to a 10Mbs line. Can I do this?

Sigh! Yes you may. We won’t judge you.We won’t even penalise you. We’re cool like that.

I am a tenant – do I need to discuss this with my landlord before going ahead?

We all know landlords can be worse than General Zod (hehe, if you get this reference then you also get up to 1 month free! T’s & C’s apply), but generally rental agreements do allow for the installation of satellite dishes and the like. To be safe, read through your rental agreement, else speak to your “General Zod” to get permission.