Krypton Web is a young dynamic ISP which started mid 2018 in Cape Town. We have evolved from offering a Wireless Internet service only, to also providing both Residential Fibre connectivity over the Octotel, Openserve, Frogfoot & Vuma networks; as well as Business Fibre connectivity to customers within the greater City of Cape Town Municipality.

In 2018 we launched with an objective to provide an affordable uncapped internet connection to areas that were reliant on ADSL, prior to the deployment of Fibre for these areas. We are of the belief that access to a reliable high speed internet connection is a necessity, not a luxury and launched, what was then, the cheapest uncapped, unthrottled, unshapped 10Mbps internet connection in South Africa!

About Krypton Web

Krypton Web was born from Krypton Technologies which has its roots firmly in the ITC industry since 2005. This enabled Krypton Web to rapidly expand its service offering from Internet Connectivity to various other related add-on services required in the industry. This has been pivotal in rolling out end-to-end solutions to both our business and residential clients integrating their internet, surveillance, POS and/or VoIP systems.

As a Tier 2 ISP, we are on par with all other major South African ISP’s, with our services terminating at the Cape Town Teraco datacentre in Rondebosch. This also puts us in a position to provide dedicated links to various businesses, apartment blocks, malls or larger estates and urban developments via our partnerships with Seacom, Frogfoot & DFA.

Most importantly, we are like you! We want things to work efficiently; and should we need assistance, want to deal with real people not bots; and it’s this that sets us apart from other ISPs. We are a service driven ISP striving to provide you with the quality customer service and the greatest internet experience to be found this side of the Yellow Sun.

So whether you want your internet faster than a speeding bullet, or your web deployed at your fingertips, with Krypton Web you have found home.



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